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Hom Mali Rice is a popular abroad, extraordinary, aromatic rice variety grown and harvested only once a year. Its long, slender grains are sticky and do not break easily. The rice has a beautiful white and glossy appearance and a long grain with a moist and soft texture after cooking. It maintains its high stickiness, even when chilled, delivering an appealing meal at first glance.

Product Information

  • Broken: 5% maximum
  • Moisture: 14% maximum
  • Foreign matters: 0.1% maximum
  • Chalky kernel: 2% minimum
  • Damaged kernel: 0.5% maximum
  • Yellow kernel: 0.5% maximum
  • Red & red streak kernel: 0.5% maximum
  • Paddy grain: 2 grains/kg maximum
  • Average length of grain: 6.8mm minimum
  • Well-milled, double-polished, and sortexed


5-50kg PP bag/1-5kg PA bag/5-50kg BOPP bag


15-20 days


  • Packing 500gr/1kg/2kg/5kg: 25 tons per 1x20ft
  • Packing 10-50kgs: 26.5-27.5 tons/20ft
  • Packing in Jumpo: 20 tons/20ft


7 days


T/T or L/C






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Jasmine Rice from Vietnam is a high-quality, fragrant rice variety known for its large, white color and long shape. It is cultivated in the Mekong Delta region and is known for its pliable texture and delicate aroma. Jasmine Rice, when cooked for sticky, still moist, sweet, and nutty flavor from the first taste, retains its moisture and flavor until the end of the harvest season. Jasmine Rice is renowned worldwide and is imported to regions such as the United States, the Middle East, and Africa.
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Aromatic rice ST21 is a high-quality rice and one of Vietnam's most aromatic rice exports today. It is known for its sticky, tender, and distinctive taste. ST21 Rice features round, uniform grains with a bright white color, appropriate moisture content, and high nutritional value. When cooked, give an eye-catching rice grain.
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ST24 Long Grain Fragrant Rice - Premium Grade Rice is characterized by its small, long grains and delicate aroma. It stands out for its exceptional quality and taste compared to other fragrant rice varieties, boasting high nutritional content. When cooked, it becomes sticky and emits the pleasant scent of pandan leaves. The unique feature of ST24 Rice is that it gets even more delicious as it cools down. The grains retain their stickiness without becoming rigid. ST24 was second among the top 3 best-tasting rice varieties in the World's Best Rice competition in 2017. It is the most exported rice of Vietnam today, and it is also exported to other Asian countries.
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KDM Rice is a premium fragrant rice variety from Vietnam, grown in the border areas of Vietnam and Cambodia, characterized by its long, white grains and the natural aroma of pandan flowers. KDM Rice emits a sweet and distinctive fragrance when cooked, with its grains sticking together and incredibly still sticky after cooling. KDM Rice is renowned in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.
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ST25 Long Grain Strong Perfume Rice - Premium Grade Rice won the World's Best Rice Award at the World Rice Conference organized by THE RICE TRADER on November 12, 2019, in the Philippines. ST24/ST25 Rice is a premium rice variety known for its long, translucent, non-sticky grains with high protein content. When cooked, the rice is exceptionally sticky and sweet and carries an irresistibly appealing distinct pandan aroma. Due to its moist and aromatic nature, ST25 Rice requires less water when cooking, and the rice remains soft even when cooled.
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5451 Rice is a long-grain fragrant rice created by combining two varieties, Jasmine 85 and OM 2490, grown in the Mekong Delta. It possesses excellent resistance to pests and diseases, is less prone to lodging, and boasts high yields (1-1.3 tons/ha). It can be cultivated for up to three crop cycles in a year, characterized by its long, slender grain, less chalky and slightly milky in color, elasticity, and soft, somewhat fragrant rice. 5451 Rice has always been on the best-selling list in some countries such as the Philippines, Eastern Europe, and Africa. This type of rice is straightforward to cook.