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Fragrant rice has a natural and enchanting aroma that captivates anyone. It has become a symbol of the care and love of farmers. Each grain of rice holds a rich story and an exquisite flavor.

White round-grain rice is soft and smooth, offering a delightful taste. With its distinctive natural flavor, this rice variety is commonly used in traditional and modern dishes. The round grains retain water well, making the rice softer and more delicious. It’s a preferred choice for many individuals when preparing delicious and enticing meals.

White rice and “broken rice” have pure white grains, a smooth texture, and an attractive appearance. With their natural sweetness and slightly sticky consistency, white rice and broken rice are beloved products among many customers.

Healthy rice is a food that is beneficial for health and contains essential nutrients. With its chewy texture, natural color, and mild sweetness, this rice is preferred for health and nutrition-conscious people. It is commonly used in healthy eating regimes and a variety of dishes.

Glutinous rice is characterized by its round, long, and chewy grains with a high stickiness. It has a bright white color and a distinctive flavor. Sticky rice is commonly used to make traditional dishes such as sticky rice, square sticky rice cakes, and sticky rice dumplings, or it can be used in various other culinary creations.

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