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Cherish Vietnamese rice grains

Cherishing rice grains shows appreciation for the culture of Vietnamese family meals, the beauty of farmers' labor, love for the country, and national pride.

Doan Gia Phat Food Services Trading JSC was established to build a unified agricultural ecosystem where quality and sustainable development always go together.

From farmers and raw material areas to traders, factories, and partners, Doan Gia Phat will create a comprehensive ecosystem with its experience in connecting resources and the ability to connect global trade. Walking on the journey of cherishing Vietnamese pearls is also the journey of reaching out to the world, bringing the unique flavor of Vietnamese rice to faraway corners.


Doan Gia Phat is a dynamic and innovative grain company with a strategic vision to become a reputable exporter of high-quality rice and agricultural products, establishing a comprehensive ecosystem in providing products from cultivation to rice globally and bringing the essence of Vietnam to the world.


For consumers, customers, and partners: We pledge to deliver high-quality rice products, distinctive Vietnamese rice specialties, and agricultural produce with exquisite flavors and reliable quality. We create a unique culinary experience, bringing joy and satisfaction to every meal.

For the economy and society: We contribute to the socio-economic development of Vietnam by exporting high-quality rice. Aligned with sustainable development goals, we ensure the creation of safe products that adhere to international quality standards, thereby building the reputation and position of Vietnamese rice and agricultural products in the global market.

For the farming community: We deeply value the hard work of farmers and nurture the inherent qualities of rice grains. Dedicated to diverse agriculture, we strive to achieve ambitious aspirations.

Core values

Reputation: Maintain a trustworthy relationship with customers, partners, and consumers through honesty and ensuring high quality for each product.

Professionalism: Our professional team and specialized services provide an international standard trading experience.

Connectivity: The ability to connect and develop an ecosystem of resources and global commerce.

Appreciation: Value the people of Vietnam, respect the essence of labor, esteem those who bring forth rice grains and Vietnamese agricultural products, and infuse the profound spirit of the nation in each meal.