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Rice selection criteria


Rice is classified based on different shapes, colors, and sizes, including three main types:
DGP gạo hạt ngắn japonica
  • Short-grain rice is rice with a slightly rounded shape when cooked. It is the softest and most flexible of all types of rice.
DGP gạo hạt vừa 504
  • Medium-grain rice has relatively short grains and a smooth texture after cooking but is not as sticky as short-grain rice.
DGP gạo hạt dài ST25
  • Long grain rice is a finer grain rice that is four times longer than wide and has less starch.
Đoàn Gia Phát tiêu chuẩn lựa chọn gạo


  • All types of rice purchased must ensure they are grown from seeds produced with guaranteed genetic integrity.
  • Ensure rice is grown in a safe area, free from foreign pests, and with minimal use of agrochemicals.
  • Rice seeds are traceable from the delivery warehouse to the storage and milling facilities, distribution, and finally to customers and consumers.
  • Complete international certifications and inspections must accompany rice intended for export and commercialization in the market according to the regulations and requirements of the host country.


Depending on the customer's request, Doan Gia Phat will purchase rice to meet the customer's conditions in terms of quality, quantity, and delivery conditions, ensuring three criteria:

  • Pass the rice quality test
  • Meet Vietnam's rice export standards
  • Meeting the conditions for importing rice from markets such as the EU ensures pesticide safety or the USA market must have an FSMA food safety certificate, …