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Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy of Food Services Trading JSC DOAN GIA PHAT informs you how we use the personal information we collect on this website. Please read the privacy policy carefully before using the website or providing personal information.

Overview of information privacy policy

  1. Food Services Trading JSC DOAN GIA PHAT (“DOAN GIA PHAT”) understands the importance of respecting and protecting the privacy rights of individuals (“Information”) who visit our website and use services provided by DOAN GIA PHAT (referred to as “Customers,” meaning individuals who visit the website and/or purchase products or use services provided by DOAN GIA PHAT). The website, products, and services are collectively called “Services.” With good intentions, through this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), DOAN GIA PHAT provides an overview of the principles of information collection, usage, disclosure, and storage of Customer Information collected by DOAN GIA PHAT through the methods outlined in Section 4 of this Policy.
  2. This policy applies to the overall Services provided by DOAN GIA PHAT. However, depending on each Service's circumstances and specific requirements, DOAN GIA PHAT may supplement or modify the relevant contents of this policy to apply specifically to those particular parts of the Service.
  3. This policy applies when Customers access and use the Services provided by DOAN GIA PHAT. By accessing and using the Services provided by DOAN GIA PHAT at any time, Customers agree to the terms outlined in this policy (including any additions or modifications).
  4. Depending on the actual security situation and needs, DOAN GIA PHAT may adjust this policy without notice or consent from Customers. When updating the content of this Policy, DOAN GIA PHAT will revise the “Last Updated” time at the end of this policy. Therefore, before accessing and using the Services provided by DOAN GIA PHAT, customers should regularly review the information in the privacy policy to obtain the latest updates. Suppose DOAN GIA PHAT updates the policy, and Customers use the Services after the policy has been updated. In that case, it means that Customers agree to and are bound by the new terms specified in the revised policy.

Purpose of information collection

  1. DOAN GIA PHAT primarily collects Customer Information to serve the following purposes:
    1. Notify Customers of promotional information, advertisements, or for direct marketing and other commercial purposes.
    2. Maintain contact with Customers and respond to Customer inquiries related to DOAN GIA PHAT's Services.
    3. Support customers when purchasing goods or using DOAN GIA PHAT's Services.
  2. DOAN GIA PHAT collects information to control and improve the quality of the Services, including:
    1. Control access and usage of DOAN GIA PHAT's Services.
    2. Analyze and optimize DOAN GIA PHAT's Services.
    3. Improve the quality of DOAN GIA PHAT's Services and/or the Services of its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (“Subsidiaries”).
  3. In addition to the purposes mentioned in subsections 1 and 2, DOAN GIA PHAT may also collect information to serve other purposes not contrary to legal regulations.

Scope of information collection

  1. The Customer Information that DOAN GIA PHAT will collect includes:
    1. Full name.
    2. Phone number.
    3. Email address.
    4. Permanent address.
  1. For each specific Service and purpose of collection, DOAN GIA PHAT may request Customers to provide additional information to ensure the proper use of the Customer's Service or to ensure smooth communication and transactions between DOAN GIA PHAT and the Customer.
  2. For the scope of information collection mentioned in this policy, DOAN GIA PHAT will always provide options on the Website interface, allowing customers to choose whether to give or refuse to provide information to DOAN GIA PHAT.

Methods of Information Collection

To ensure that the collected information is complete and accurate, DOAN GIA PHAT can choose to use individual or aggregated methods to collect customer information as follows:

  1. Requesting Customer Information:

DOAN GIA PHAT may request customers to provide information in the following cases:

    1. When DOAN GIA PHAT needs specific information to meet the customer's service requirements.
    2. When customers request DOAN GIA PHAT to address service-related inquiries or request services, DOAN GIA PHAT may ask customers to provide information to process their requests quickly and accurately.
    3. Information collection is necessary based on DOAN GIA PHAT's needs in other cases.
    4. DOAN GIA PHAT will always provide options for customers to decide whether to provide information or not. In cases where customers choose not to provide information, certain services or transactions may not be possible, or some transactions may be conducted anonymously (as a guest).
  1. Self-collection of Information by DOAN GIA PHAT:
    1. Collecting information from third-party sources: DOAN GIA PHAT may receive information about customers publicly disclosed on any third-party e-commerce websites or obtain customer information from third parties during relevant transactions involving the transfer of that information.
    2. Collection during service execution: During the provision of services, DOAN GIA PHAT may also collect customer information through appropriate methods without the customer's prior consent.
    3. Collection during customer service usage: Some services provided by DOAN GIA PHAT allow customers to communicate with third parties, and the information generated during such communication may be stored in the DOAN GIA PHAT system.
  2. Information Consolidation:

DOAN GIA PHAT may consolidate customer information obtained through various methods mentioned in this section as a complete process to serve the purposes stated in this policy without receiving prior consent from the customer. However, customers always have the right to adjust their information, as Section 10.1 of this policy specifies.

Scope of Information Usage

  1. DOAN GIA PHAT uses the collected customer information for the following purposes:
    1. Implementing measures to improve DOAN GIA PHAT's services.
    2. Establishing customer loyalty programs or other commercial promotion programs.
    3. Handling issues related to customer service usage or transactions between DOAN GIA PHAT and customers.
    4. Sending introduction letters, order confirmations, and thank-you letters.
    5. Sending promotional information or other information to customers with their prior consent.
    6. Notifying customers about DOAN GIA PHAT's job information if customers subscribe to job notification emails.
    7. Evaluating and analyzing markets, customers, and DOAN GIA PHAT's services.
    8. Other content for which DOAN GIA PHAT is allowed to use the information in compliance with the law.
  1. Information will only be disclosed to third parties in exceptional cases when requested by a court or competent authorities.

Access to Information

  1. To fulfill the information collection purposes mentioned in this policy, DOAN GIA PHAT may require third-party support to analyze data, market, and provide better customer service and services. During this support process, customer information may be disclosed by DOAN GIA PHAT to the following entities:
    1. Subsidiaries of DOAN GIA PHAT when the participation of subsidiaries is necessary to carry out/complete transactions established between DOAN GIA PHAT and customers.
    2. Trusted business partners of DOAN GIA PHAT and the disclosure and confidentiality responsibilities of customer information will be carried out according to the agreement between DOAN GIA PHAT and its business partners.
  1. In business development or force majeure, DOAN GIA PHAT may have to reorganize, transfer, dissolve, or bankrupt the company. In such cases, the succeeding entities receiving the transfer from DOAN GIA PHAT may obtain customer information to continue providing and performing customer services.
  2. DOAN GIA PHAT may disclose customer information to third parties or competent authorities when requested by the competent authorities or in other cases as prescribed by law or when DOAN GIA PHAT has grounds to believe that the disclosure of information can protect the rights, property, or safety of the customer or DOAN GIA PHAT/its subsidiaries.
  3. Other parties with the customer's consent or guidance.

Information Retention Period

DOAN GIA PHAT will only retain customer information for the time necessary for collection, as specified in the collected data, the contract, or the current law.

Commitment to information security

  1. DOAN GIA PHAT commits to safeguarding customers' information by the provisions of this Policy and legal regulations.
  2. DOAN GIA PHAT will implement appropriate technical and security measures to protect the customers' information effectively. However, it is essential to note that while DOAN GIA PHAT takes reasonable methods to protect the customers' information, no website, internet connection, computer system, or wireless network is entirely secure. Therefore, DOAN GIA PHAT cannot guarantee the absolute security of the information provided by customers. DOAN GIA PHAT cannot be held responsible in the event of unauthorized access or information leakage that is not caused by DOAN GIA PHAT's error. If customers disagree with the terms described above, DOAN GIA PHAT recommends that customers refrain from sending information to DOAN GIA PHAT.

Customer Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Customer Rights:
    1. Customers are guaranteed the rights and security of the information as committed by DOAN GIA PHAT in this policy.
    2. Customers have the right to access their data and have the right to rectify any inaccuracies in their data or update and supplement the information stored on the website. Customers also have the right to delete their data on the website or request DOAN GIA PHAT to cease using personal data for marketing purposes by sending a request to stop receiving notifications or information from the website.
    3. Suppose customers wish to refrain from receiving any advertising information or promotional programs from DOAN GIA PHAT. In that case, they have the right to refuse at any time by sending a request to stop receiving information from DOAN GIA PHAT's website using the provided features at the end of the page.
  1. Customer Responsibilities:
    1. Thoroughly understand this policy before using or accessing DOAN GIA PHAT's services. The customer's use or access to DOAN GIA PHAT's services confirms that they have thoroughly understood and agreed to the entire contents of this policy.
    2. Provide accurate and lawful information to DOAN GIA PHAT when requested and agreed upon. Customers will be fully responsible (in all cases, without any joint liability to DOAN GIA PHAT, whether in part or in whole) if the information provided to DOAN GIA PHAT is inaccurate, unlawful, or the customer's service is interrupted, or cannot be performed; or if transactions between DOAN GIA PHAT and the customer, between DOAN GIA PHAT and a third party, or between the customer and a third party are interrupted or cannot be executed due to technical factors, network issues, system errors, etc., or any material or non-material damages arising from the use of inaccurate information/illegal acts.
    3. Do not use programs, tools, or other means to interfere with the system or alter the data structure of the service, website interface, or existing features of DOAN GIA PHAT's website.
    4. Not disseminate, propagate, or encourage any activities that interfere with, disrupt, or intrude upon the data of the website system under DOAN GIA PHAT's management.
    5. Do not distribute or disseminate content violating laws and social ethics on DOAN GIA PHAT's website.
    6. The provisions of the law will handle any violations.

Information and Contact Method

DOAN GIA PHAT appreciates all customer feedback, inquiries, and information feedback regarding DOAN GIA PHAT's services and this policy. For any related questions, customers can contact us using the following information:


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