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Medium Grain White Rice

Medium Rice has medium-sized, oval-shaped grains and a pearly white color. Unlike other rice varieties, Camolino rice is soft, less sticky, and fluffy, and when cooked, it has a distinctive nutty and fragrant taste. Therefore, it is very suitable for dishes such as fried rice and various types of pancakes

Product Information

  • Broken: 5% maximum
  • Moisture: 14% maximum
  • Foreign matters: 0.1% maximum
  • Chalky kernel: 5% maximum
  • Damaged kernel: 0.75% maximum
  • Yellow kernel: 1% maximum
  • Red & red streak kernel: 1% maximum
  • Paddy grain: 5 grains/kg maximum
  • Average length of grain: 5.8mm minimum
  • Polished with/without oil


5-50kg PP bag/1-5kg PA bag/5-50kg BOPP bag


8-14 days


  • Packing 500gr/1kg/2kg/5kg: 25 tons per 1x20ft
  • Packing 10-50kgs: 26.5-27.5 tons/20ft
  • Packing in Jumpo: 20 tons/20ft


7 days


T/T or L/C






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Japonica Round Rice is a high-quality short-grain rice originating from Japan. The rice grains are round, white, smooth, and have a tender texture with minimal breakage. Due to its high amylopectin content and other components such as glucose, lipids, protein, sugars, and minerals, Japonica rice has a more substantial adhesive quality than different rice varieties. When cooked, it becomes sticky, white, and soft, with a rich flavor, natural mild aroma, and high nutritional value. It suits daily meals and dishes like sushi, bento, and more.
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Camolino Rice is a particular type of rice originating from Italy, one of those great non-stick rice. It is a short-grain rice with a tender and smooth texture. Camolino Rice has a bright white color and a good water absorption ability, which enhances the rich and smooth flavor of the dishes - a delicious and nutritious healthy addition to the daily diet. Camolino Rice is the most popular medium-grain rice, accounting for a huge part of the annual global rice crop. Camolino rice is most popular in the Middle East and African markets.
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Calrose - Grain Rice from Vietnam is medium-grain rice with short, beautiful, and pure white grains. Calrose is not as widely known as basmati or brown rice, but it’s still prized for its soft, sticky texture. When it’s cooked, Calrose rice is soft and somewhat sticky texture textured, making it a greatreat option for a side dish, stir-fries, poke balls, or making sushi balls.