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Ho Chi Minh City, October 28, 2023 – Ceremony to announce the National Prestigious Quality Brand 2023 (9th Edition), was organized by the Asian Research Institute with the purpose of honoring and promoting businesses that continue to strive harder in the process of raising the value of Vietnamese Brands. After all, Doan Gia Phat Food Service Trading Joint Stock Company was honored as “Top 5 National Prestigious Quality Brands 2023” with an impressive leap in competitiveness in the rice trade industry in Vietnam.

Doan Gia Phat – A Journey of Prestige and Quality

Doan Gia Phat Company is honored to be in the “Top 5 National Prestigious Quality Brands” voted by the evaluation council according to international standard criteria applied globally, and with improvements specifically for businesses in the Vietnamese market. It includes the following core criteria: the brand is known to a lot of consumers, and complies with Vietnamese law; Quality products and services with clear origins; Advanced, environmentally friendly production technology,…

Top 5 prestigious national quality brands

Representative of Doan Gia Phat received the certificate of merit “Top 5 prestigious national quality brands”

Mission to bring Vietnamese rice to the world

With the motto of continuous development and innovation in production and business, Doan Gia Phat has invested in modern production lines in both factories in the Mekong Delta region. Here, rice is stored and preserved in warehouses using a closed SILO system, helping to prevent impacts from the outside environment and keep rice in the best condition. The quality and food safety management systems at the company's factories all comply with international standards, achieving ISO 9001:2015, 22000:2018 certification for quality management systems along with the application of Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) principles to ensure product safety.

Doan Gia Phat rice products

Until now, the application of international standards has helped Doan Gia Phat elevate the position of Vietnamese rice, expand export markets and reach out to the ocean in the context of global international economic integration. Doan Gia Phat Company is proud to have exported Vietnamese rice to more than 20 countries around the world, from countries with high rice consumption demand such as China, Philippines, Nigeria,… to difficult markets. including Europe (Germany, Russia, Poland, Spain, Switzerland,…), America (USA, Mexico, Canada,…) and countries in Australia, Middle East, Africa… through meeting strict requirements and regulations. Thanks to strict purchasing and quality inspection processes, the company has built a solid reputation with partners globally.

Committed to the future

Representative of Doan Gia Phat Company – Ms. Le Thi Thu Hang shared: “Doan Gia Phat is proud of the position of “Top 5 National Prestigious Quality Brands 2023”, this award is an important motivation for us to continue to promote the expansion of domestic rice supply networks and export markets. We are committed to constantly improving the quality of products and services to bring customers and the community the highest value.”


Doan Gia Phat affirms that they will continuously strive contributing to enhancing the value of Vietnamese brands

In conclusion, the “National Quality Prestigious Brand 2023” (9th Edition) is an opportunity to recognize and honor the efforts, resilience, persistence and constant creativity of businesses, proactive adaptation, strong digital transformation, quick recovery of production and business activities. On the other hand, ensure good labor and employment policies, actively contribute to social and community responsibilities. Thereby, the Organizing Committee hopes that the program will create momentum to motivate businesses to continue to strive harder in the process of enhancing the value of Vietnamese Brands through quality products and services, for an outstanding Vietnam. more every day.

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