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Hanoi – October 25, 2023, at the Honoring Ceremony of “Vietnamese Agricultural Gold Brand 2023”, Doan Gia Phat Trading Service Company is honored to receive the title “Vietnamese Agricultural Gold Brand 2023”. The Vietnamese Agricultural Gold Brand Honoring Ceremony is an annual event organized nationwide by the General Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam.

Doan Gia Phat – A Gold Brand Committed to Quality and International Standards

Doan Gia Phat is a dynamic, innovative food company with a strategic vision of becoming a reputable exporter of high-quality rice and agricultural products, opening a comprehensive ecosystem in the supply chain from cultivation to rice delivery worldwide, bringing the Vietnamese flavor to the world.

Vietnamese Agricultural Gold Brand 2023

“Vietnamese Agricultural Gold Brand 2023” recognizes the ceaseless efforts of Doan Gia Phat in elevating the position of Vietnamese rice.

Especially, the title “Vietnamese Agricultural Gold Brand 2023” acknowledges Doan Gia Phat's unceasing efforts to elevate the value of the Doan Gia Phat brand in the rice trading industry. “We are extremely proud to have achieved this title. It is a motivation for Doan Gia Phat to continue expanding the export market to over 50 countries, and subsequently to the global market. Moreover, with years of experience and a passionate team of experts, we commit to delivering delicious and high-quality rice to our customers and partners, contributing to raising the status of Vietnamese rice in the international market”, shared Mr. Le Huu Nhan, the representative of Doan Gia Phat.

Products that meet the standards of developed countries

Doan Gia Phat's rice products are achieved export quality and stringent standards of developed countries worldwide. The key export products include ST25 rice, Jasmine rice, and Japonica rice. Among them, ST25 rice from Vietnam was recognized as the best rice globally in 2019, preferred by consumers not only in Vietnam but also in many countries worldwide.

Gạo tấm trắng 504 đoàn gia phát

Following the mission of bringing Vietnamese rice to international heights, Doan Gia Phat relentlessly strives to improve the quality of its services and products, asserting its brand by exporting rice to over 20 countries, including: Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, …), Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, …); even challenging markets like the US (USA, Mexico, …), Europe (Germany, Russia, Poland, …), and other countries in Australia and the Middle East.

To achieve this achievement, the company not only ensures the quality of its rice products but also complies with strict standards in its professional rice production, processing, and export chains, meeting the stringent criteria of developed countries.

Award for the top reputable brand in Vietnam

Eventually, the “Vietnamese Agricultural Gold Brand” honoring ceremony contributes to building a brand of agricultural products oriented towards high quality, high value, clean products, ensuring food safety for domestic consumption and export.

The award helps promote the brand, products, and services of businesses to consumers at home and abroad. From there, it creates advantages and enhances the competitiveness of businesses in the region.

Vietnam Agricultural Golden Brand 2023

The title “Vietnam Agricultural Golden Brand 2023” has affirmed the prestige and quality of Doan Gia Phat

In the field of rice trade, Doan Gia Phat has excellently met the strict criteria of production activities, commercial services, technology, and export for delicious, nutritious, high-quality rice grains, friendly to the environment and the health of users.

In addition, our business goals are not only to develop quality and bring delicious rice to customers but also to care about the lives of people in remote areas, organizing charity events to donate rice for the purpose of helping people. All Vietnamese people can eat delicious and high-quality rice and share love.


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