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Join DOAN GIA PHAT on the Journey to Elevate Vietnamese Rice – Enhancing the Value of Vietnamese Farmers

Elevating the value of Vietnamese rice through the sustainable mission of Doan Gia Phat, leveraging the agricultural advantages in the Mekong Delta region. Together, we aim to boost the quality of rice and honor Vietnamese farmers, cherishing the “Vietnamese Pearl.”

Leveraging the agricultural advantages of the Mekong Delta region

The Mekong Delta Region is known as a land favored by nature with rich and fertile soil, and a tropical climate – providing favorable conditions for the development of agriculture, especially in rice and cereal production. It is one of the regions with a long-standing tradition of rice cultivation and the largest rice output in Vietnam.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, for over a decade, Vietnam has been exporting rice, with annual volumes ranging from 5 to 7 million tons, where the Mekong Delta region contributes 90% of the exported rice, holding the largest share in the country. Doan Gia Phat recognizes this, acknowledging that alongside natural advantages, the unwavering dedication and ceaseless efforts of our farming communities play a pivotal role.

With a long-term vision, we are determined to leverage the agricultural advantages of the Mekong Delta region and propel the “Vietnamese Pearl” beyond national borders, constructing a unified agricultural ecosystem that blends exceptional quality with sustainable development. This endeavor aims to uplift the value of Vietnamese agricultural products and enhance the well-being of Vietnamese farmers.


Farmers in the Mekong Delta harvest rice

Embracing trust – Defining responsibility

Since its establishment, Doan Gia Phat has successfully built its brand in the rice export market. We have exported rice to numerous countries, totaling millions of tons, gradually solidifying our brand through a significant rise in order quantities and values.

Doan Gia Phat particularly treasures the trust that farmers place in each grain of rice. It is their trust in the product's quality and the promise of Doan Gia Phat to enhance the product's value and contribute to the development of Vietnamese agriculture.

As a Vietnamese enterprise, receiving the trust of farmers entails a significance responsibility. We are committed to growing alongside  the farming communities and cherishing Vietnamese products. This is evident in high-quality, meticulously selected rice products of Doan Gia Phat, which undergo thorough inspection and selection from within before reaching the customers.


Cherish Vietnamese jade seeds enhance the value of Vietnamese farmers

Sustainable Mission

Gia Phat Group is not only a commercial enterprise but also an export representative of Vietnamese rice on the international market. Our mission goes beyond elevating the quality of rice and providing an exquisite dining experience for our partners and customers. It encompasses the responsibility for the development of farmers and the Vietnamese economy through rice export activities.

We understand the hard work and dedication of farmers during each rice sowing season. Farmers must take care carefully throughout the season so that when the rice is ripe, it will produce the best quality rice seeds. Therefore, we appreciate the value of farmers' labor even more and are ready to accompany and share advanced knowledge and techniques with farmers, working towards a multi-value agriculture.

Combined with providing safe products and complying with strict standards before exporting, Doan Gia Phat contributes to building a Vietnamese brand image and strengthening its position and product reputation. Vietnamese rice and agricultural products on the international market, promoting the development of the Vietnamese economy.


Doan Gia Phat's sustainable mission is not solely focused on enhancing the quality of rice products but also on improving the lives of farmers and taking responsibility for partners and the community. The company's activities and policies collectively contribute to sustainability in the agriculture sector and the well-being of the people. For a meaningful life and a prosperous, developed nation, Doan Gia Phat will continue its journey toward fulfilling its mission.

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